Thank you for joining us in honoring those who have
made noteworthy achievements throughout the many
years of Armstrong county sports. Please check back
with us often as we will have all upcoming events
posted as well as information about past events and
the people and organizations that help make the
Armstrong County Sports Hall of Fame what it is.
    Our Board of Governors is pleased to announce that we
    will hold our 43rd Annual Induction Banquet at 4:00 p.m.
    on Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Laube Hall in Freeport.
    The following individuals will be honored at this event
    for their recent induction into our Hall of Fame;

    Mark N. Acerni (Football) - Freeport
    Scott Aiello (Leechburg) - Football
    Abram Barker (Ford City) - Baseball
    Shane Bartha (Apollo) - Girls' Basketball
    Tracy L. (Barnett) Durish (Dayton) - Volleyball
    Joshua Justice Henry (Apollo) - Special Award - Military
    Broc Hepler (Worthington) - Motocross
    Melissa Klingensmith (Leechburg) - Softball
    Jared Miller (Kittanning) - Football
    Chris Shafer (Apollo) - Track
    A. Allan Walzak (East Brady) - Special Award - Builder

    Admission tickets are $25.00. Persons interested in purchasing tickets to the event should contact
    Dennis L. Wolfe, Board Secretary, at telephone number
    (724) 882-3557.,